Laser matter interaction in melt expulsion regime involves multiple physics, for example: energy absorption, heat transfer, phase transition, fluid dynamics and gas dynamics. The gap exists in understanding dynamics of laser processing and related qualitative problems such as splashing characteristics and delamination crack initiation. This work used reduced modelling approaches to analyse laser drilling process in melt expulsion regime and quantitatively realized prediction of productivity, splashing features, delamination crack initiation in a real time manner. The derived reduced models also enable the generation of dense data, which can be used as reliable digital shadow to support industrial decision-making process. A digital process design tool is implemented with user friendly interface which is operative in smart devices.

Autor Wang, You
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Reduced Modelling for Laser Drilling Process in Melt Expulsion Regime

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To understand laser processing in melt expulsion regime will inspire process optimisation in laser drilling, laser structuring, laser hybrid bonding process. By applying reduced modelling approaches, process know-how can be extracted by generating dense data within short time. Productivity, splashing effect and delamination crack initiation are quantitatively predicted by derived reduced models.

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Wang, You