Megatrends describe emerging trends which will affect our life, our
society and the way how we will create value in the future. These
Trends will last for more than just a couple of years. Megatrends
that are widely known and often addressed are e.g. globalization,
networking, customizing, mobility, ecology, health and the demographic
change. Due to the fundamental character, these megatrends
challenge society as well as industry and virtually all branches
of industry such as the automotive, aerospace, communication
and medical engineering industry are involved.

The 11th ISMTII shows that metrology plays an important role in
tackling these global challenges: Measurement technology is the
reliable source of objective data and thus enables for example the
industrialization of manufacturing processes, improves the production
towards zero defect manufacturing even for individual small
batch production and helps to estimate the patient risk for a minimally
invasive surgery.

This symposium offers the great chance to exchange the international
state-of-the-art regarding measurement technology and its
11th ISMTII - Aachen & Braunschweig, Germany
contribution to mastering the global challenges. Furthermore, the
contiguous industrial exhibition supports a connection between research
and application.

We would like to thank the German Research Foundation for its
financial support of the scientific symposium. So we are more than
happy to welcome international scientists and experts to Aachen.

Autor Schmitt, Robert; Bosse, Harald (Hrsg.)
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Schmitt, Robert; Bosse, Harald (Hrsg.)

ISMTII 2013 - The 11th International Symposium on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments

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Metrology - Master Global Challenges

July 1st - July 5th, 2013

RWTH, Aachen, Germany

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