For more than 50 years the annual WZL Gear Conference in Aachen, Germany, has been fostering technical collaboration and communication among the members of the WZL Gear Research Circle . The two - day conference is devoted exclusively to the presentation of the latest research in gear design, manufacturing and testing . Additionally, the software resources of the WZL Gear Research Circle are available for examination, including solutions for gear design and manufacturing process development . Participants of the conference are encouraged to tour the WZL laboratory with its shop floor and test rigs . Within this environment associations are formed and the exchange of knowledge among the members of the technical community is promoted . With up to 300 participants from Europe and overseas, the WZL Gear Conference is one of the largest annual events dedicated to gear technology in Europe

Autor Brecher, Christian / Klocke, Fritz (Hrsg.)
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Brecher, Christian / Klocke, Fritz (Hrsg.)

5th WZL Gear Conference in the USA 2014. October 22 & 23, 2014

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Nine years ago exclusive contents of the Aachen gear conference were first presented in the USA . The Fifth WZL Gear Conference - USA is being hosted by Gleason Corporation and will provide the opportunity for North American companies to connect with WZL and learn about current research activities.

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