The profitability of today’s gear production is primarily influenced by the productivity of the single manufacturing processes. The ambition to lower piece costs is responsible for production processes carried closer to the limit given by their capability or new processes with a higher productivity being applied. The introduction of dry high-speed hobbing is an important step into this direction. Admittedly economically advantageous and reliable dry machining can only be assured, when the process requirements are known. Methods to apply them in industrial environment have to be followed consequently.

In our seminar we will introduce today’s developments regarding manufacturing processes and strategies for soft gear production as well as the capabilities and limits. For this purpose, experts from machine tool manufacturers, tool suppliers and drive train technologists will speak about their experiences, opinions and visions. The concept of the seminar focuses on industrial presentations that will be completed by fundamental scientific topics. It gives a lot of room to discussions and the exchange of experiences.

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Trends in Gear Soft Manufacturing (2016)

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