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Innovations in Bevel Gear Technology (2016)

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March 16-17, 2016

Innovations in Bevel Gear Technology (2016)

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Actual topics and trends are presented and discussed in this special-interest seminar which is well established among the technical community.

Nowadays customers require high performance bevel gears. Developers and producers of bevel gears satisfy these increasing requirements by using innovative production technology. Powerful design strategies, the use of simulation software and optimized quality inspection systems are factors of success. Within this seminar current developments of design and calculation processes are introduced. Furthermore the new inventions in bevel gear production and quality inspection will be presented. The seminar gives an overview about the state of the art. Current problems in bevel gear production will be discussed in preparation for future research and developments.

The seminar is carried out in collaboration with renowned companies in the area of machine tools and drive train technologies. The concept of this seminar is to present mainly experience from industrial practice and to offer enough time for discussions.

This conference will be offered with simultaneous translation into English. International participants are welcome to hear and discuss up-to-date presentations from experts, scientists and other high-class presenters about product design, manufacturing technology and other bevel gear related fields.


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