In today’s environment, factories have to meet new requirements. In the planning and design process of a factory, besides a high degree of versatility, increasing social aspects have to be taken into account derived growing environmental demands as well as from an aging society. Furthermore, new technology solutions have to be steadily provided and integrated into the construction process in order to secure competitiveness.

These new conditions require a close and efficient cooperation between different professional disciplines to meet cost and time targets in factory plannung. With the aim to find new solutions and trends in the fields of production planning, construction planning and architecture, and to promote the exchange between experts, the congress “Factory planning - next steps” takes place in Aachen from September 21 to 22, 2016. During the congress, the main focus lies on the integration of the different design packages and disciplines – from architecture via civil engineering to production planning.

The guiding theme “Factory of the Future” responds to an increasingly dynamic and global environment and focusses on adaptable production systems, sustainable building concepts and agile planning and realization processes. Experts from industry and research present innovative solutions and facilitate dialogues in order to further improve the ideas or to debate the possible application for your specific situation. In parallel to the congress, an industry exhibition takes place which offers the possibility to get in contact with suppliers in the fields of planning and implementation and to find out more about the products and solutions regarding the factory of the future.

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Factory Planning - Next Steps (2016)

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